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Trivandrum : Finally the young Malayalam super star Prithviraj is getting ready to marry a Mumbai based television journalist.

According to the latest buzz,the super star has fallen in love with B.B.C World Mumbai news journalist.He met her more than a year back when she was reporting for B.B.C World about south cinema.Rumours says that every weekend Prithviraj used to fly in to Mumbai to meet her.

A source closed to Mallika Sukumaran, Prithviraj’s mother has given green signal for the wedding.Sources also reveal that the actor will have a very private wedding in April 2011 after the release of his most awaited film ‘Urumi’.After marriage he is also planning a grand reception in his home town of Thiruvananthapuram for film industry and his fans.

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  1. Marriage kazhinjathe njangal arinjilla.
    Divorce um angane thanne udane undakumennu pratheekshikkunnu.

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